Direct Mail Mega Secrets For Real Estate Investors

Check out these research stats...

  • 661,043 vacant properties from real homeowners in the US (1 level of motivation) that are single family residences and have at least 30% equity in them
  • Of those vacant properties 54,504 were purchased in the last Real Estate crash and purchased dirt cheap from the years of 2010-2012 (2 levels of motivation)
  • We currently have 44,778 absentee homeowners with vacant properties all with equity that purchased the home during the last Real Estate crash of 2010-2012 (these 44,778 sellers have 3 levels of motivation to sell their property right now)

In this video I share with you a secret of what we send to the sellers that have over 2 levels of motivation to stick out to them and get the deal.
Watch this until the very end as you will want to rip this off immediately.