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Without begging for leads…and without buying expensive property lists.

Do you want to be a Real Estate rainmaker…a “deal magnet” so to speak …effortlessly attracting the most lucrative hidden deals?

Stop scavenging for scraps along with all the other investors! If you’re not doing at least 10 deals a month… if you’re not satisfied with your current income… and if you’re not absolutely beating the pants off your competition, then listen up right now.

I’m John Cochran and over the past 11 years, I’ve helped more than 100,000 students turn their dream of becoming Real Estate investors into realty.

And let me tell you, the most common thing I hear from students just starting my program is:

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“I can’t find enough deals!”

It’s an issue that nearly all new and established Real Estate investors encounter more often than not.


Real Estate U

Today, I’m going to share a “copy and paste, done for you fix” that will send a flood of ultra-motivated sellers your way… practically begging you to buy their house.

Because during these 11 years, I’ve uncovered (and SOLVED!) the two MAJOR problems investors face – I’m talking about the issues that ultimately make it tougher and tougher to scrape together FAT deals:

  • Most investors are duking it out over the same properties. They’re all fishing in the same pond …all marketing themselves the same way. The sellers are seeing the same worn out messages from everyone. It’s NOT GOOD for business!

An “I buy houses” or “I pay top dollar for homes” sign isn’t gonna cut it. You need something EYEPOPPING that sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

Real Estate U

And the second (but most important) reason…

  • Lack of Follow up. Did you know that only 3% of sales are made on the second contact? And that 80% of all sales aren’t made until you’ve contacted the seller to anywhere from FIVE to 12 TIMES!

Which means if you aren’t following up with EVERY seller… EVERY time… consistently like clockwork until they either tell you to take a hike or until they hand you the keys to the home, you’re missing out on a TON of CASH.

So you might be thinking, “What do I need your help for? Obviously it’s as easy as stepping up my follow up game, right?”


Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned after 11 years in this business… it’s that no matter how good your intentions are… people without a system SUCK at follow up.

But John, you say… I have a program on my computer that will keep me on track. I’m golden.

And once again I call bullshit.

Because I’ve seen it time after time after time. And let me tell ya the…

Students Who Rely on Technology to Follow Up with Sellers Have the WORST FOLLOW UP OF ALL!

That’s why I created a basically “done for you” follow up system that works 100% of the time—that anyone can use to:

Get MORE leads… do MORE deals…and collect MORE fat profit checks…

All while making you look like the expert—and the rest of your competition look like complete morons.

Why is follow up so important?

Because whether you’re starting out… or you’re a seasoned investor—if you don’t have leads you will NOT succeed.

Seriously, without leads, you’re pretty much dead on the water.

So if you’re like the thousands of other Real Estate Investors and a lack of deals has been your issue, sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Because I’m going to show you how to attract motivated sellers —like bees to pollen.

In fact, I’ve put together a completely brand new training program called: THE DEAL MAGNET.

Because when you use my proven, practically “done for you” follow up system, you’ll discover how to make fast cash by effortlessly attracting deals your competition doesn’t even know exist.

At the end of my training program, you’ll have the knowhow (and automated systems) to:

  • Start doing deals right out of the gate
  • Bring in 100 highly motivated sellers that will practically beg you to buy their house, and…
  • Never ever again let a deal fall through the cracks
  • Put 80% more deals under contract

…WITHOUT constantly being tied to your laptop or iPad, and…

…WITHOUT fumbling around with complicated spreadsheets or project management software.

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In fact, once you have the method I personally use to get hundreds of motivated seller leads pouring in, you’ll be jaw-dropped in disbelief.


Because it is so STINKIN’ SIMPLE. Seriously, I make it kindergarten-easy.

Which means—unlike with technology and spreadsheets—you’ll have something you’ll ACTUALLY USE and get results with!

I break down my system—along with 3 ways to start doing deals by tomorrow at noon—in THE DEAL MAGNET training.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • How to build an automated powerhouse sellers list that feeds you deals every month
  • The FREE, untapped lead source for an endless stream of motivated sellers
  • How to BEAT your competition and put 80% more deals under contract
  • How to transform your house flipping business into an automated deal-finding machine
  • The reason why you’ll fail every time when you rely on technology for follow up
  • The #1 source to get your hands on a deal before NOON tomorrow
  • And much, much more…

PLUS… when you join me for THE DEAL MAGNET training, you’ll also get a huge BONUS.

Because I’m throwing in my “Done For You, Copy & Paste Follow Up Swipe File.”

I usually keep this file under lock and key—but it’s too good not to share.

This swipe file is chocked full of my powerful step-by-step follow up checklist… and includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED for flawless follow up. I’m even including the EXACT follow up messages that I use in my own multi-million dollar Real Estate investing business—so you can swipe them word for word.

You get every single “shortcut” designed to put you on the path to profits even FASTER.

I have tens of thousands of students around the country that I train every single week on my ‘Systems Saturday’ sessions. Just last year alone, using my systems they brought in a whopping $19,301,581 (nearly 20 MILLION!) in PROFITS

And up until now…all the secrets I’ll share with you in THE DEAL MAGNET training has never been available to the public.

… Even my coaching students don’t have access to it.

But I know it’s extremely valuable—especially in this tight inventory market. So I decided to open the vault and release it for the VERY FIRST TIME.

The kicker is: There’s only 100 SPOTS available.

Because honestly, if my program is much bigger than that, I won’t be able to give you the personalized attention you deserve.

I’m committed to thoroughly answering your questions and helping you get the stream of leads that can multiply your income this year, even if it means limiting the number of students in the program.

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This PROVEN Follow Up System Will Have You Swimming in a Sea of “Take my house now” Sellers!

I’m talking about sellers banging down your doors begging to give you the keys to their house.

In my training you’ll have the opportunity to learn the exact same strategies and techniques I use to put deal after deal under contract.

And the best part is: No matter where you live, no matter how big or small your city or town is… No matter if your neighborhood is blue collar, white collar, or affluent…
You’ll have more leads than you can handle. My system works in every type of city and town across the U.S.

I’m literally handing you a step-by-step easy-to-follow blueprint that’s a virtual ATM cash machine. And to not take advantage of it and deploy it would be a crying shame.

Here’s what you get with THE DEAL MAGNET:

  • Two 2-hour training sessions every week for 4.5 weeks
  • A comprehensive step-by-step training checklist
  • A Q&A session at the end of each training session
  • And much, much more!

Don’t forget your BONUS: because you also get exclusive access to my “Done For You, Copy & Paste Follow Up” Swipe File. Seriously, having all the EXACT follow up messages at your fingertips is a game-changer.

Just take a look at some of the properties I’ve put under contract over the past 30 days… simply using the POWER of FOLLOW UP:

RealEstateU Under Contract

5800 Cantella Ct. in Centerville, Ohio


RealEstateU Under Contract

2039 Brookridge in Beavercreek, Ohio


RealEstateU Under Contract

3868 Lujon in Beavercreek, Ohio


RealEstateU Under Contract

4260 Green Meadows Dr. in Enon, Ohio


RealEstateU Under Contract

2400 Ghent in Kettering, Ohio


RealEstateU Under Contract

1163 Brookside Dr. in Beavercreek, Ohio



Note: The seller on the home above on 5800 Cantella in Centerville, OH wanted retail for her property and my perfect follow up system turned it into “The Mother of all” deals.

These homes had HUGE back-end profits built into them because of the systems I used and how I followed up with the leads.

Why? Because the nice folks and families I bought them from were SUPER MOTIVATED to get rid of them. Which means I picked them up for a steal. I didn’t have to feed the owners a bunch of hype or empty promises.

And my approach doesn’t just work in Ohio. My students flip houses all across the country for fantastic profits like:

Jim S. from Green Bay, Wisconsin…Jim made a $27,096 profit through a probate deal in ONE DAY on the market!

Jamario T. from Atlanta, Georgia… Jay made a quick $6,000 simply by responding to an email and making two phone calls.

And Dave M. from Portland, Oregon… Dave scored an $8,000 profit without using any money out of his own pocket!

I just know you’ll love THE DEAL MAGNET online training – because it’s so personal and hands-on. I’ll be there guiding you every step of the way.

Here’s what we’ll cover in each module:

  Location, Location, Location

  • ✔ Where research is telling you to buy homes at in your backyard
  • ✔ Where research is telling you to avoid buying homes in your backyard
  • ✔ How a deals location determines if you wholesale, prehab or rehab for your profit

  The Powerhouse Sellers List

  • ✔ How to build a motivated sellers list that will feed you deals monthly
  • ✔ What to do with sellers that want retail right now (Hint they will end up selling to you)
  • ✔ Done for you (Copy and Paste) emails and text messages to send to your motivated sellers list
  • ✔ How to bring in quality deals by sending a simple text message blast

  1 FREE Source to Grab a DEAL by Noon Tomorrow

  • ✔ How to bring in extra discounted deals through your already formed relationships
  • ✔ How less than 10 people (that you already know) can result in over 100 free deals a year
  • ✔ The system to be instantly connected to any referral lead source in your area
  • ✔ This is by far the #1 system to bring in deals in our investing business

  Buy 40 Probate Homes a Year from One Free Source

  • ✔ How to find the best probate deals in your area on a ZERO budget
  • ✔ A twist on probate to buy the same probate home cheaper and faster than your competition
  • ✔ Have probate deals come to you vs you have to go to them
  • ✔ Why we never send a direct mail piece to probate leads and beat our competition on every deal

  The Untapped Source for Motivated Sellers

  • ✔ How to find the most motivated seller on the planet in your backyard FOR FREE
  • ✔ How to instantly buy homes for what’s owed in delinquent taxes
  • ✔ How to have people behind in property taxes chase you
  • ✔ These system will get sellers raising their hands higher than ever with discounted homes to sell you

  The Follow Up System that Turns 80% of Your Leads into Contracts

  • ✔ How to turn 80% of your “OK” leads into slamming deals
  • ✔ How to do more deals with less leads in your pipeline
  • ✔ A much easier and effective follow up system that will get you instant results
  • ✔ The timing of a perfect follow up campaign
  • ✔ How software is hand cuffing your competition in their follow up game

  Opening the Swipe Vault Door

  • ✔ The Done For You Copy And Paste “Follow Up” Swipe Files
  • ✔ We wrote all the follow up messages for you to steal and use in your own business

  The Proven Way to Find Deal after Deal

  • ✔ How to completely transform your house flipping business into an automated deal finding machine
  • ✔ The done 4 you system for finding the most quality deals in your backyard

I’m Gonna Make This a No-brainer Decision

So here’s the deal. Ready?

I priced entire THE DEAL MAGNET training I just described at a very affordable $497.

BUT I’m offering it TODAY ONLY for just $97. That’s a whopping 80% OFF the regular price! You save $400!

That’s pocket change for the opportunity to get MORE leads… MORE deals… and MORE INCOME!

But… there’s only room for only 100 action takers.

And after midnight tonight, the price jumps up to $497. So don’t drag your feet on this!

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Plus… I’m SO sure you’re going to love every single minute of this training, that I’m making your decision even easier.

Real Estate U

Because I’m giving you my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.


If for any reason you don’t think this is right for you, or you didn’t get what you thought you’d be getting, or you simply don’t think you have what it takes to be a Real Estate investor… NO WORRIES!

If after you attend the first training module you still feel it’s not for you, I’ll refund your $97. No questions asked. I stand behind my 100% money back guarantee.

It’s time to dominate your market and blow away the competition. Learn the how to land a ton of leads with the super simple “no excuses” follow up system your competition wish they had.

Then… laugh all the way to the bank.

Can’t wait to see you on the training!

John Cochran
Real Estate U

P.S. If you’re skeptical in any way, I get it. Low price, gonzo over-the-top value. Practically giving it away. This is my way of showing you I’m a man of my word… and you’re going to get everything I promised. Because when you put what I teach you into action, your life will never be same again. (And I love turning cynics into believers.)

If you’re still having doubts, let me ask you…

  • Are you happy with your current income?
  • Are you CRUSHING it in real estate right now?
  • Are you dying a slow death working in your day J.O.B.?

The truth is that if you keep using the same systems you have right now, how will your business change? How will you do more deals? How will your business grow?

You already know the results you’re going to get with the systems you have. It’s the same results you’re getting right now. My guess is that you want to do bigger and better things with better systems to bring in the best deals in your backyard at deep discounts!

The Deal Magnet system stays true to its name so get on this training and turn your life and investing career around.

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